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Warm shades facing cold tones

  That mix of saffron/straw/caramel/pumpkin and blue-greens seems a perfect way to make the transition from fall to winter; a subtle interaction between cold and warm tones. Tuscany meets Iceland... Ideat magazine, October 2010. Photos Matthew Donaldson.

Vol a Miami – Lila & Tom + Pascal Ollinger

  A great story by Lila&Tom Agency.  So Miami with the blue sky, the sky blue + white colors, and just a little palm/banana tree reminder. I want to be playing with those boys! Photos Pascal Ollinger www.pascalollinger.com


  This is the season when I miss the US the most, for the Indian summer, for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Before living in the US, Halloween was just a commercial event to me. It is still, in a way, but I understand much better the attraction Americans have for it. While…

What’s hot for this fall?

Owner of famous London storeElias & Grace, Nickey takes us around the shelf for a selection ofher favorite itemsfor this season.     Mila Kokia Dress, by Miller - 100% Cotton - "Cute cut and irresistible colour"   . . Icon Skinny Leg Jeans, by Finger In The…

Urban play : checks, stripes, tartan

  " The gang make it a day of fun out on the streets of Shoreditch, kept warm by layering up in the season's patterns of checks, stripe and tartan, and kept cool with a dose of hip city edge". Photo Tim Marsella, Fashion Editor Ellie Lines - Sunday Telegraph Kids,…

The baby concept store catalog

  Bobo Choses, Surface to Air Kids, Miller Goodman, Oeuf NYC, Dis Une Couleur, Maya Organics, ImseVimse, Barnabé Aime le Café, Petit Produit...and more gorgeous brands are on the freshly launched Noeuf Fall/Winter 2010-2011catalog. Click here to flip through the pages. Most…

How to win a bunny print dress…

  Based in the UK, AleaxandAlexa is a rich online platform with an e-store as well as a blog and a magazine. Plenty of fashion, looks, cute brands, stories, ideas, interviews (Sir Paul Smith, YES!) and even contests. This month AlexandAlexa offers the opportunity to win a…

H2O – Why not learning the formula at a very young age?

  In the Go Green Family, I want...the car! This hydrogene (H2O) car can teach children of a very young age how clean energy vehicles work. €29.90 with remote control. Merci Nature&Decouverte!

A blog promenade…Petits Bonheurs and it’s sohso

  I know I share a passion for the wonderful blogs Petits Bonheurs and it's Sohso (by the same very talented person) with many of you. For those who haven't visited them yet, here's a few images. Very soon Mathildeand Natacha (above) will come back on Pirouette with…

The mini world of Molly Meg

    Molly Meg and a few friends went on a trip to Bekonscot Model Village near London; they brought back these playful images. Photos Laurie Glees, Styled by Lucy Erikson & Mollly Price. Discover more on molly-meg.blogspot.com.