Eva Karayannis from Caramel Baby&Child was lucky for the party she hosted at her Notting Hill store last week: the sun finally showed up that exact same day. The reason for the party was to celebrate a dress created for the Naked Heart Foundation, inspired by the childhood memories of the charity’s founder, Natalia Vodianova. The 100% cashmere hand crocheted red piece was the star of the event, elegantly worn by Vodianova and Karayannis’ daughters. The party was beautiful and joyful, impeccably organised with great attention to detail (Like everything Caramel does…). Children were playing around, eating cakes, dancing and singing, if not running in the garden.

The dress arrives perfectly on time for the weddings season; what a treat it would be to wear such a beautiful and highly charged piece for a ceremony. The dress is available in kids size (£225) or in adults size (£380). A delicate crocheted halter neck form women (£45) is also available (as seen on Natalia). All proceeds from the sale of this piece go to the Naked Heart Foundation.

Click here to order.