An IG Nightmare Story by Photographer Karen Holt

The stress both professionally and personally of clicking on your IG app only to discover that you have been mysteriously 'locked out' is immense.  None of the 'steps' worked to log back in, and the appeals process in Pirouette's case brought no response let alone a resolution.…

The Thompsons, Koh Samui Thailand

Formidable Family – The Thompsons, Koh Samui Thailand

An impressive mix. The Thompsons family of five are an impressive mix. Mum Heidi is Korean/ American whilst Dad Scott is Hong Kong/ British. Gracie is 10, Phoebe is 8 1/2 and little brother Isaac (known as Izzy) is 3 1/2. During the early days of the pandemic the Thompsons…

natural nit hair_treatment

Home grown remedies: Head lice

Rosemary & lavender nit treatment.A natural formula for effective nit treatment free from organophosphates. Easily found ingredients, simple to make and use. Great for getting rid of both the lice and the nits. Just be sure you use it twice, 7 days a part, otherwise…

lets talk cancer 2

Growing up with cancer – part 2 of 2

Childhood cancer awareness month A personal story by Beau Johnston.

lets talk cancer

Growing up with cancer – part 1 of 2

Childhood cancer awareness month A personal story by Beau Johnston.

raspberry leaf remedy for hot flush

Home grown remedies: Hot flushes

Raspberry leaf and sage teaRaspberry leaves are well known for balancing female hormones, whilst sage is good for reducing sweating. Combine the two and we have a refreshing drink that can help reduce the effects of hot flushes and night sweats. Both are easily either grown,…

Lolie kids fashion & lifestyle

Introducing Lolie

What is Lolie ? More than a kids’ store - Lolie is a new European marketplace with an irresistible blend of compelling content and unique product selection. Ranging from the much loved Spanish label ‘The Animals Observatory’ to sustainable brands such as ‘Bebe Organic’ and…

Lemon Magazine – closing an issue explained

Keeping it Reel: How to clear your head!Founder and ‘Boss Mom’ of “Lemon magazine” Barbara Perino talks us through closing an edition of the magazine and what helps her to clear her head. Warning contains singing, dancing, and general well-being!…

Living with Coronavirus

It's worse than we know in the UK... I’m writing this sat upright in bed feeling like a sumo wrestler is parked on my chest, just short breaths in and out. I had been feeling a little unwell - a dry cough with a voice steadily morphing into that of Marge Simpson. Last Wednesday…

St Patricks day covid-19 coronavirus

St. Patrick’s – Covid 19 Issue

It's St. Patricks Day - a day when people normally get together to celebrate the luck of the…

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus? – NY Times Article

So how do you talk to kids about coronavirus? Well a NY Times parenting article by journalist Jessica Grose could help keep your anxiety in check with some helpful advice, tools and links. Go to article 'How to Talk to Kids about Coronavirus' Feature Illustration Lucy Jones

The HappySelf Journal

The consequences of social media on user's behaviour and mental health has never been more prevalent either in our conversations or on the news. But what can we do as parents to develop healthy behaviours for our children and promote awareness of their own happiness and that of…