In the collaboration chapter, here’s a great one, inspired by Jackson Pollock. The lucky aftermath of a love story between Spanish brands babaà and bobo chose : a knitted jersey for kids and mums, in a classic Babaà shape, 100% organic cotton compiled, spun, and dyed by Spanish artisans.

Marta Bahillo is the desinger behind Babaà, a Spanish brand that makes quality knitwear designed to last. The designs are oversized and loose fitted for extra comfort. Babaà cares about what is produced and how it is produced, sourcing local providers and supporting local textile industry. Materials used are 100% natural, resulting in a better quality, warmer product that improves with wear .

The love story between Bobo Choses and Babaà begun two years ago, when a good friend of Marta’s put the two brands in touch. “At first, our conversations dealt with work and the difficulties found when taking ahead a personal project. Gradually, we found ourselves talking about our kids, our holidays and our future”, says Marta.

The relationship between babaà and bobo continued growing on the base of a shared passions way of looking at life: humbly, simply and respectfully towards their social and natural environment. They passed from admiration to action and we can only applause!babaà x Bobo Choses

babaà x Bobo Choses