A little while ago, Deborah Donenfeld noticed that there were very few children’s books using photography : interesting photography, images that don’t look dated, and that are attractive to both the children’s and parents’s eyes. That’s how she came up with Baby ABC / Baby 123, a simple and clean concept of alphabet & numbers book. Black-and-white photographs of babies interact with objects in colour coordinated with the featured number or letter, making the connection easy and understandable for non-readers.

Since babies love to look at babies,  Deborah thought that a book using photographs of different babies would really engage them.  The babies in the books are wearing nothing but a white diaper, and the objects they are holding or playing with are fairly classic, which make these books fresh and fun.
Deborah Donnerfeld is a photographer specializing in lifestyle, portraits, and children.  She has worked for magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Vogue Bambini and Milk.  She lives in New York with her two children

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