Internet has changed our lives, putting services at a click away, something very handy for busy parents. Everyone knows how stressful it can be to organise Birthday parties, so finding cool companies who can creatively help with this hectic moment is precious. Here’s four of them : Carousel (London), My Little Day (Paris), Clafoutis (New York) and Wonderful Collective (San Francisco).

Carousel (UK)

A magical playground of every kids imagination, with a great selection of international brands and designers that are always ready to give you and effortless spectacular party. With their cool decorations, tableware and themed party kits, you will gather all the things you need to create a sensational event. From candy watches to moustache erasers Carousel gives you freedom to imagine your own world of fu. National and international delivery.

My Little Day (Paris) 

One of the first created in this category, My Little Day is like a breath of fun for all things related to creative children’s parties. Founded by two amazing students that turned mums Gabriella Toscan du Plantier and Dorothée Monestier. The eco-friendly brand is the first online boutique for children’s parties that sells only non-branded products. A response to all parents that run around busy and worrying with too many things at a time. Take a a look here to see the book that My Little Day has launched with great options for summer parties.

Clafoutis (New York)  

Taking its name from a rustic French cake made with cherries, Clafoutis was founded by Anne Ligeard Murat less than a year ago.  The brand consists in customised party styling and in an e-boutique. Like for making a good clafoutis, throwing a great birthday party requires top ingredients as well as a certain savoir-faire. Anne brings her knowledge as an educator (she was trained as a mathematics teacher), her creativity and wonderful organisation skills in her business. A recipe for success.

Wonderful Collective (San Francisco)

Like My Little Day, Wonderful Collective is eco-friendly. This brand new company  is run by two sisters called Jessie and Jamie.  Jessie, the artist and designer, worked for Pottery Barn Kids and her sister Jamie is the editor and marketer for Wonderful Collective. At WC, themes are packaged in a tote bag including garland, goodie bags, and signage making it easy for the host to establish a cohesive theme anywhere (hence the company tagline: “Party in a tote“). All themes are designed by hand, mostly with watercolor, and then printed onto fabric so that the decor is durable enough for a life beyond the party (i.e. to decorate a nursery or play room). With similar taste, quirks, and style, the sister duo has spent most of their lives collaborating on creative projects (Jessie with art, and Jamie with words), yet with WC this is the first time they have combined their talents to create a company.