Brand name : Tutu du Monde

Website :

Date of creation : June 2009

Country of origin : Australia

Country of production : India

Name of the founder : Andrea Rembeck

Number of employees : 6 including free lancers

Number of sales points : About 90 throughout Australasia, the UK, US, Middle East and Japan

3 stores where to find Tutu du Monde  : Papier d’Amour, Kido Store, Olive loves Alfie

3 online stores who sell Tutu du Monde :  Thumbeline, Poppyscloset, Orfeodesign

Own e-store ? Yes, since March 2010

Company statement or tag line : Fairy dust and secret games. Princess dresses and sparkle dreams.
A tutu for dress-up.
A tutu for magic worlds of make believe.

Tutu du Monde is a line of tutus that call to mind a kinder world, a gentle place where little children can imagine being a dainty ballerina, a helpful fairy and a benevolent princess.

When aked my daughter for a tutu, I embarked on the quest to find one that was not mass- produced, hot pink and polyester. I couldn’t and TUTU DU MONDE was born, featuring a line of tutus that were not only timeless and exquisitely made but were also ecologically sustainable and created with love.

What makes the brand unique ? Tutu du Monde tutus have a hand-made, hand-dyed, one-off, old-world feel without the frail nature of a vintage garment. Colours are dusty pastels, with details of sequins, beads and feathers, applied by hand to cotton and tulle. They are made to last and, in fact, get better with wear. Slight fading and fraying edges adds to their charm over time.

A quote from a client or journalist? As loyal Planet Awesome Kid readers know, we are HUGE fans of Tutu Du Monde.   We are OBSESSED with their new collection aptly named High Tea with Madame Woo.   My daughter has a Tutu Du Monde collection, and there is literally no other dresses that even come close to the haute couture craftsmanship of these very special creations.   Every special girl deserves a very special Tutu Du Monde creation of her own.

How many pieces per collection : About 40

Main materials used : Cotton and tulle

Your trade show planning for next season? Bubble London and Playtime NY

Plans for the future ? We looking for the right show rooms in the US as we have a big following there and Europe next year