Jeanette Petersen recently launched Little Fashion Factory, a PR Firm specialised in children’s products, in Copenhagen.

How long have you been in the children’s industry? 3 years

When and how did you start your business ? I startet Little Fashion Factory 6 months ago, because there are so many children’s wear companies that are not given the attention that they should. There was a lack of PR consultants who took children’s wear companies and children’s wear serious.

What are the brands that you work with? Pale Cloud, Norlie, UBANG, Babblechat, I Dig Denim, Ver de Terre, We are small.

What will you do in particular during the next CIFFKIDS, and what’s your relation to them? Im am PR consultant for CIFFKIDS and I will be the press contact for all the children’s wear bloggers, journalist and fashion editors. I will also help the many exhibitors to get their unique stories out to the press.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your agency and the CIFFKIDS event? I have a huge passion for children’s wear and I see so much talent and culture in the business. Each brand tell a story of the designer, the design style, the way of looking at a child, the way we raise our children and which role the child have in different cultures. CIFFKIDS is the largest children’s wear fair in Northern Europe. I work with them because CIFFKIDS has a unique mix of brands, design and stories. At CIFFKIDS you will find big commercial international brands, small nordic brands and high end brands. What you see at CIFFKIDS is what you see in the street in Northern Europe. It has a overall nordic sense and simplicity in a very high quality.

What are your favorite cities in the world and why? I love Paris – it’s my second home. I love it with lots of friends, with my husband or for a trip with my to small boys. I also like the small villages in the south of France just on the border to Italy. Berlin is great, my favorite shop in the world is there, it’s small, but I always walk out of the shop with some really nice things in the shoppingbag.

What is your favorite children’s store in your own city? It must be a mix between Milibe or Illum.

The new and interesting places in Copenhagen? For morning coffee it Granola, Værnedamsvej at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. For dinner it’s Falernum ( at the same street), pate pate or Mother also at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The area around the old brewery Carlsberg, where a lot of creative companies and galleries are starting to grow is really nice.

Favourite stores, anywhere in the world? For my self it is Holly’s in Berlin. The designers are so dedicated, it is unique and have really nice dresses and jackets.

A magazine, preferably children’s related, that inspires you? Kids-Wear Magazine, Milk, babiekins magazine, Luna, la petit mag – no I cannot decide – I think that we have a really high quality of international children’s wear magazines at the moment.

Anything you can think of that is missing in the current children’s product offer? Cool school backpacks for boys without star prints or a batman picture would be nice…..