Temporary showroom Dot to Dot will open tomorrow and Sunday, involving about 15 children’s brands (Corby Tindersticks, Indikidual, Jake and Maya, Loud Apparel, Nixie Clothing, Aravore…). In talk with  Nicole Frobusch and Carly Gledhill, founders of the event.

How did the idea of creating a show room come to you?

We felt there was a gap in the market for an affordable U.K based showroom for small brands without agents. Trade shows are very expensive and we discussed starting a small show inviting our favourite brands, as a collective of designer/makers we thought we may be able to pull together to create something strong, unique and exciting, a refreshing change to the usual trade show format.
We wanted to create a more intimate and communal space, which makes it different to the trade show environment, also of course we also wanted to reduce the amount spend for trade shows to make it more accessible to smaller brands.

Can you tell us how you will attract buyers ?

We have made a website to showcase our participating brands and say a little bit about the show, we also have the help of our good friend Louise who is emailing invitations and info out to press, alongside our twitter campaign. We hope that each brand will contact their buyers and press so we don’t leave anyone out!

Can you share a quote from a buyer?

Sure! Here’s what Scout and co kids emailed us : “We’d love to RSVP to Dot to Dot London – it looks really exciting. We already stock Little Titans and Poco Nido on our website and are looking forward to seeing all the other UK brands too!”.

And a quote from an exhibitor?

Catherine Lobley from Poco Nido said “Dot to Dot, who wouldn’t, its our kind of trade show. Relaxed, small and personal, we may have got our eye on global success but we still believe that the selling aspect of our business needs to be unpretentious and friendly, stress free. No big yawning halls to cover, just 14 hot brands to pick from, offering some of the best design in the UK. We’re proud to be playing a part. Hope to see you there”.

Do you expect visitors form all over the Uk or only from London and the area?

We expect visitors from all over the UK as we had some amazing responses already also from Europe so hopefully there will be a nice mix!

Will the press also visit?

Yes! There is always the thirst for something new and most of the brands will only be showing at Dot to Dot in London or Playtime-Paris. We also have an official press partner: Collezioni Bambini who will be covering the show.