While visiting the New Designers show in London last week, I came across Fine Cell Work, a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework.

I remember using a similar association in France when I had my company and to highly appreciate the quality f work, while feeling useful, in modest way. I could only encourage brands to explore this network.

Fine Cell Work’s  stitchers spend an average of 20 hours per week doing embroidery in their cells: the highest earners stitch for as long as 40 hours. It’s a way of life that enables them to serve their time with dignity and purpose and the earnings give them hope, skills and independence. Fine Cell Work is done in 29 prisons with 420 prisoners and 75% of the stitchers are men.

Working with their hands, prisoners foster hope, discipline and self esteem. This helps them to connect to society and to leave prison with the confidence and financial means to stop offending.

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