Meet the GrowKit, an urban agriculture kit for beginners, newly developed by Noocity Urban Ecology, a company focused on the facilitation of Agriculture in the urban environment.

To take control of your health, take control of your food. Something that many people are starting to realise, hence the success of organic markets, organic stores stores and  home basket deliveries. But how to go a step further and grow your own vegetables when you live in an apartment and know nothing about gardening?

Noocity believes that urban agriculture should be an easy and efficient activity, letting people enjoy the best nature can offer. In 2015 they launched Noocity Growbed, a unique and efficient self-watering gardening system (see mine further down!), and today they are back with the NOOCITY GROWKIT.

The GrowKit consists of an efficient gardening system packed together with all the needed ingredients and the required guidance. There’s no problem of space for installing the equipment, no waste of time buying all the parts and parcels and no pre-required ability or knowledge. Everything an urban citizen needs to start growing organic food at home right away.

What is game changing about this kit?

  • The assurance of great results The equipment’s sub-irrigation system guarantees water self-sufficiency for up to 3 weeks, avoids and reduce the evaporation and watering frequency, ending up consuming 80% less water than a conventional cultivation system. With this new system the common mistake of watering too much or too less is finally avoided, thus increasing the success rate, the productivity and plants health.
    The kit also includes a carefully and seasonal selection of plug plants specially chosen for inexperienced growers, a bottle of organic fertilizer to make sure the plants stay nourished and healthy.
  • The pleasure of growing your own Knowing the origin of what we’re eating is a central issue for Noocity. That’s why all the items that make up the Growkit (potting soil, plug plants, fertilizer) come from organic origin and are free from pesticides. Pleasure is only fulfilled with a clean conscience, that’s why all the packaging solutions are either fully recyclable or completely compostable.
  • Knowledge to keep for life Sharing quality time with our beloved ones and getting children to connect to and respect nature is another main goal of Noocity. The set of audio tutorials included in the Growkit introduces the urban citizen to the main concepts of Urban Agriculture and gives the best tips to grow and nourish tasty veggies and great moments.

The GrowKit is available today on Indiegogo :

In order to join this campaign, simply access the Indiegogo platform. You can support the product launch (from 5 euros), pre-order your GrowKit or choose other Noocity items in offer. The GrowKit is now available at a special price (30% off the Retail Price) for the early birds supporters of this idea.

Campaign link : here.

Eating a salad that comes straight from your garden produces an immense pleasure at many levels. This is what we, as a family, have been able to do with our GrowBeds, having no gardening skills :

Here’s a video showing how the irrigation system works : | @noocity_urban_ecology |

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