I saw Cocotruc at the last Playtime Paris. I found the name attractive, the design of the booth fun and the  energy of the graphic tees pretty engaging. I have asked the two co-founders of the brand to answer a few questions…

Where are you from, what did you do before launching Cocotruc?

Bulle : I was born in Orleans; I left the place 12 years ago to for Paris but I came back a year ago. Back to the roots with a lover and a child. Before starting Cocotruc I was an illustrator, and I still am today.

Fred : I always lived in the subburbs of Paris. My mother is Spanish and my father is a  « Pied Noir » ( “black feet”, which was the name given to French in Algeria as they were wearing shoes), I am from a large family and that is key to me : the source of my inspiration in life.  I came to paris when I was 19 , to study.  I had much pleasure to live in that magical city for 10 years, until the birth of my first son. We now live outside Paris where we have more green and an easy access to the capital : 15 minutes only. Before Cocotruc I was a logistics specialist, in the press area. I always loved fashion and more precisely children’s fashion since I became a mother in 2009.

How did you decide to join forces and to create a business together?

Bulle : One day Fred contacted me through internet to ask me to do a portrait of her son. The day I consigned the portrait, Fred told me “I want to stop my current job and start a business in kids fashion, do you want to join?”. I didn’t think twice.

Fred : When I discovered Bulle’s work, the idea of Cocotruc came up and I proposed her this project in 2011. She liked the idea and we started working straight away. Bulle looks after the creative side of the business and I deal with the admin and business. But we work very closely and agree on everything together.

What are your favorite cities in the world and why?

Bulle : I think my favourite city is New York.  Not that I have visited so many cities around the globe, but New York is deeply magnetic to me. New-York I LOVE YOU ! I love the energy, the tight link with music (what a trip staying at the Chelsea Hotel); the skyscrapers, the cupcakes, the people, the lights, the buzz…

Fred : The most beautiful city I visited was Istanbul. So many things to see and great people, welcoming.. The Bosforus with boats passing by bring a nice rythm to the city. There are parties in amazing places fuled with historic content, always in a simple yet warm atmosphere. The Sofia Mosque stroke me as a symbol of tolerance : it shows mix symbols of catholic, jewish and muslim faith. It belonged to the three but these symbols have never been destroyed. And the architecture is titanesque. I have never seen anything like that before.

Your favorite children’s stores where you live?

Bulle : In my own town there isn’t much choice : only Marmouset !

Fred : In Paris I like Monoprix for their capsule collections made with designers. Also LittleFrenchtrotters  in the 11th arrondissement. And Marmouset in Orléans, where Bulle lives.

And the interesting places ?

Bulle : In Orleans there is “Le temps des Bulles”,an organic Concept Store for kids, “La Buvette” the best place for a drink with friends at “apero time”, around 7pm.

Fred :  The Grande Galerie de l’Evolution at the Jardin des Plantes , the Aquarium Tropical at Porte Dorée …But he best in Paris is to wander in the streets with friends during a summer night, so romantic!

How would you describe your personal style?

Bulle : quit colourful; pumps, jeans, sweaters, and many tees of my favourite bands!

Fred : laid back, colourful. I also like  little accessories, big chunky eccentric rings.

Your perfect Sunday

Bulle : When I was little I didn’t like Sundays but now I do! We usually have breakfast home, then lunch with the family : parents, sisters, nephews, then a nap, a walk to the park and a movie to end the day. That’s how I like it.

Fred :  In Brettany with my family and the sunshine…perfect !

What do you prize most in life?

Bulle : My family!

Fred :  My sons and my family. With them everything is possible.

What inspires you in general?

Bulle : Music and animals. Animals have always been a great source of inspiration for me.

Fred : Like Bulle, nature and animals always inspired me.

Do you have an obsession at the moment? A trend that you like, something predominant in your lifestyle?

Bulle :  I have always been attracted by flashy colours and it’s great this year with so much neon; I was able to recycle my old belts and other accessories bought 10 years ago. I also love gold and sparkles.

A movie you recently saw and that stayed with you?

Bulle :  I’ve seen a few good ones, but all quite strange and dark: Holly Motors by Leos Carax, Oslo,31 août by Joachim Trier, De rouille et d’os by Jacques Audiard. I have the impression that the bad weather makes you want to see sad movies!

Fred : De rouille et d’os by Jacques Audiard, moving and disturbing at the same time. I like movies that  stay with you.

Any other cultural product/event that you want to mention

Bulle :  I am a big fan of music festivals. The last I attended was BIG Festival; my lover was playing there. The last exhibit was Robert Crumb at MAM in Paris, amazing. I still have to visit the Tim Burton exhibit.

Fred : We listen to lots of music with Bulle and it is an important part of our working day. But Bulle is the real specialist in the field ;-)

So what music is playing in the office today ?

Bulle : Arch Woodmann, Foster the people, Half Moon Run..and many others !

How would you dress if you were a 8 years old girl ?

Bulle : If I was 8 y old right now, I would wear a white tutu with muticolour sparkles and a neon yellow binding. I would have rainbow stripped long stockings with golden clogs. Add a little angora bright green and lurex sweater and a bowed hair band and you have a future Cocotruc look!

Fred :  At 8 I was a tomboy. I didn’t want to wear kirts and tights. But as I only have boys, I think coming back to 8 today I would behave like a real girls and wear dresses, colours.  I would dare wearing a tutu daily and I would have nice hair clips. Like the wonderful ones by CORAL and TUSK! It’s so important to have fun with clothing at a young age. Cocotruc really wants to develop a range of fun, playful, beautiful but easy.  There’s lots of fun things for for girls on the market, but we want boys, to have as much so that girls are jealous of their outfits.

Cocotruc is available  at  WONDERFRIENDS  in Charleroi (Belgium), a wonderful store owned by 2 friends who have been knowing each other since nursery school. « My Little Day » also sells our birthday cards.