Carly  lives and works in Birmigham. She is the founder of Corby Tindersticks, which creates fun design and illustration for kids (and grown ups as well). Carly tells us more about herself and things she likes.

How long have you been in the children’s industry? I have worked for various children’s fashion departments for nearly 4 years, I worked for a couple of high street stores before deciding to set up my own brand, Corby Tindersticks was started in late 2012 so at the moment I am still learning the ropes!

What are your favourite cities in the world and why? I really love visiting New York there is so much to do! My favourites are Coney Island for it’s down-trodden sea side feel and Williamsburg for the hipster watching and random street stalls. It’s a very vibrant and inspiring city behind the tourist glitz. In the U.K I love Manchester, it’s a really unique city with great music and architecture. The Northern quarter is great for inspiration, shops and bars.

Have you seen interesting children’s stores that you liked recently? I haven’t visited them but I have recently spotted d.nik in Berlin and Little Circus in Brussels online recently, they both look really beautifully laid out with a carefully selected range of design pieces for kidw, I’d like to see more!

The places you like in your city? My favourite restaurant in Birmingham is the Warehouse café, it’s got a lovely warm atmosphere and some delicious vegetarian food, it’s always full too which is a good sign!

Your favourite stores ? If I had lots of money I think I’d buy everything In Dover Street Market. I like the mix of bonkers jewellery and clothing, it is constantly evolving and updating the collection which means it’s always exciting to visit!

And when it comes to art? The Nottingham contemporary is a really great gallery, the space itself is worth the visit, it has mars red texture ceilings and one huge gallery that has some cutting edge exhibits. I also love the Yorkshire sculpture park on a sunny day.

A captivating place you’ve travelled to? I visited Iceland last year which was incredible. The nature there is so diverse and slightly alien and the houses are so colourful, it was breathtaking.

What do you prize most in life? Alongside health and happiness I’d say a sense of humour!

What inspires you at the moment? I saw a Joan Miro exhibition at the Yorkshire sculpture park at the weekend which got me excited about my new collection. I love his use of bold primary colours and his sculptures of very wacky shaped characters, I think they will inspire the creation of lots of Corby’s relatives!

A magazine, preferably children’s related, that inspires you? Papier mache is my favourite kids magazine at the moment, the photo shoots and layouts are wonderful, I’m also getting excited about seeing the first print edition of Babiekins!

A movie you recently saw and that stayed with you? Catfish! Such a sad and captivating documentary/film, I’d recommend it to everyone! It’s a bittersweet warning about getting too involved with social media.

An online destination, preferably children’s related, that inspire you? I love Elisabeth Dunker’s Fine little day, I’ve been a regular visitor for a few years, I love her simple Scandinavian style and her characters which are full of humour.

 How would you dress if you were a 8 years old girl ? I’ve always been a tomboy so I think I would like to go shopping in Trico Field and stock up on Denim dungaree and Fith, worn with some nice Doc Martens, and a Atsuyo et Akiko necklace!

Your favorite website related to children? Kickcan and Conkers, the Junior, Coos and Ahhs and Pirouette of course!