Little Mag number 10 will be out soon, and so will be Little Fashion Gallery’s eponymous label. A rather expected brand extension for the  e-store whose collection will include a baby line (3-24 months) and a kids line (2-10 y) : 150 pieces with a focus on colour and practicality, at an affordable price. The collection will be out on February 18th, available at

For this edition of the bi-monthly free magazine,  Chief Editor Violaine Belle-Croix worked with a dozen of contributors, over a period of  three months. The magazine is full of news, fashion photos and reportages and the 25,000 copies are sent to a selection of clients and distributed through partners.  Violaine Belle-Croix is a contributor to a few children’s and adult’s publications including Milk magazine. Also Paris correspondent for Kidswear magazine and the founder of Clotaire, Violaine is addicted to short news : she loves writing them, selecting them and reading them while eating lots of meringues, tartes aux pommes and carrot cakes with her team. Most probably the secret for such a generous and beautiful issue.