On the list of brands that will launch at Playtime Paris at the end of the month, Loud Apparel caught my eye. This young and fun line was created 3 years ago by Serena Di Scalzo, an Italian designer based in London.

“The name LOUD came out because it translates the philosophy of the brand, a brand that wants to stands out, to be noticeable and more specifically because we are talking about children and children are loud, noisy and thunderous!” comments Serena . “I am Italian and I live in London, so the brand is an amalgamation of London’s creativity and Italian minimalism + craftmanship. The collection are created between London and Italy and we always select the best italian textile suppliers…”.

Serena came to London many years ago, when she was a young, rebellious and “a free spirit girl”. Pisa, her hometown, was starting to be tight for her and she was dreaming of new experiences, new adventures. Despite its sometimes too frenetic aspect, London became an addiction for Serena who never went back home. “London is a trap believe me! Time is never enough and everyday you have to run about madly to achieve your goals. But it has a magical power, it is a fascinating place, very inspirational!”

Serena studied  at The university of the Arts and at the London College of Fashion, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design Technology. She worked for brands and designers such as Kinder Aggugini, Liz Black, Magazzini Del Sale. But with a strong rebellious and anti-conformist mind, she knew she always knew she would one day do her own thing.
A trendy and unconventional single mum, Serena lives in Dalston (East London) with her son Zion, 9 years old. She is proud to count designers such as Christopher Kane, Emma Cook, Fleet Ilya for neighbours. “You feel and breath fashion & style everywhere now in this area“. That’s where she came with the idea to create a fashionable and cutting-edge brand, designed with the same spirit and attention as an adult’s line but translated into small scale, where she could share her style with other fashionable parents.

In London Loud Apparel is on display at TinLid (96 Bermondsey Street, LONDON SE1 3UB) and Quirky Collective (online). The line is also available in Japan, France, Italy and The Netherlands.