It has pure, clean, curved lines, is made of the highest quality materials, and looks like pure science-fiction. It’s said to have been designed for a royal little person, hence the name, Cambridge Crib. Producers have used Maglev technology (think of Shanghai’s famous train) for this levitating lullaby.  
The timber hood, quilted interior and night-light base are already something else, but when you realise that this little crib actually levitates and rocks itself, suspended in mid-air, your jaw will drop to the floor (with which it makes no contact).

And that’s not all: a remote control adjusts the crib’s temperature, monitors heart rate, breathing patterns, hydration levels and nappy wetness. A fitted a screen inside the hood projects visions of the Northern Lights, the latest episode of the Teletubbies, and even FaceTime calls from Mum and Dad. Not to mention the possibility for baby to learn ABC’s and 卑詩省 , naturally.

This wonderful design is there to make life easier for Mum and Dad (or Ma’am and Duke…). They can float the crib around the house via remote control, or auto-rock the crib – no wires or buttons required.

I love the look, concept and technology. Personally, I’m more likely to use this crib in a daydream of a galaxy far, far away, while rocking my baby by hand in a natural straw basket. Nothing beats mother nature for me (away from electro-magnetic frequencies!). Though I have to admit technology can seem like pure magic some times, and this crib is no exception.