A friend of mine who visited KidzroomZOOM in Milan played a little game : he asked kids around what was their favourite product on display. NINA and other little things came back most of the time. Who is Nina?.

Who is Nina?
NINA is a tiny little creature living in a dreamlike world, dressed in a red simple dress & hat.
She moves around with ironic grace, exploring the Inside and the Outside, the Here and There, the Up and Down, the You and Me.
Nina spends time with textures, red dots and sometimes words.
She silently observes & thinks about Things.
She asks questions bigger than herself (she’s only a biscuit-size),
Nina is also much much more….

Where to find Nina?
You can find Nina on books, memory cards, stationary, pencils, pins, stamps, etc
You can buy Nina online here, in Milan at Atonio Marras’concept store nonostantemarras  and in these stores in Italy.
Nina hopefully will spread her poetic red dots in Europe within 2013. You might find her in beautiful concepts stores, kids design and bookshops in Spain (soon in Barcelona’s best design store…), France, UK and Sweden.

Who is behind Nina?
Eloise Morandi  was born in London some time ago from a dancer and a groupie (yes!). She was raised in Sanremo (beautiful little town between the italian-french board) and then set up in Milan, an inevitable choice for design, graphics and art lovers.
She attended the Politechnic School of Desing in Milan where her beloved designers (Bruno Munari, Giò Ponti and Enzo Mari) tought. She collaborated with paolobazzani.it for many years,  working on graphic design and artistic direction for Kenzo and Antonio Marras.
One night like magic she first designed a creature, a simple sign but so strong at the same time, she called her Nina. Since then she never stopped thinking about her, designing, creating, and being inspired by this little “red pupetta”.