It started with a store in Barcelona, filled with a great assortment of contemporary products for kids. A few years later, Nobodinoz has turned into a label producing furniture, deco, clothing, toys and all things fun and new. Their collections focus on quality, durability and sustainability, keeping in mind that good and beautiful things should also be affordable.

Retro and contemporary at the same time, Nobodinoz’ minimalistic design and pure lines are available in great colour palettes. Their  subtle tones are combined in a fresh way that stimulates the mind.   
“We manufacture objects with a soul, We take care of people, as well our planet and our products. We are proud to value quality, sustainability, and creativity, and we practice these values daily in our lives and our business. Quality is our obsession, and security is our priority. Ecology is our way of being, and respect is our way of functioning. We look
at the world through the eyes of one who knows he still has everything to learn”.
This is the statement of Nobodinoz’ multicultural team who blends mainly Spanish and French cultures and knowhow. They have  endless energy and passion for the products that they are developing with passion, exigence, elegance, amusement and professionalism. 
Nobodinoz will be present at Playtime New York March 28-February 2nd (Metropolitan West).