I was very honoured to be invited by US brand Oeuf, for an interview on their freshly launched blog. I have followed Oeuf’s work since almost the launch and always admired the clever products, the clean, cool and playful style and the ethics behind all they do. 

Click here to read a family portrait of Sophie, Michael and their two kids that I recently posted on Pirouette.

And here’s the interview they published earlier this week :

-What is your name?
Florence Rolando

-Do you have kids? If yes, how many?
I have three children : a son from a first union and two girls with my second husband. Paul celebrated his 20th birthday this summer; what a strange feeling; it made me realize how time flies, really! Jasmine is 8 and Iris 7.

-When did you start your blog?
I started Pirouette at the end of 2009.

It was a continuation of the blog I started in 2007, linked to the kids trade show Bubble New York that I co-launched in 2006.

-Could you describe you blog?
Pirouette is a blog/magazine featuring news, reportages and interviews related to children’s fashion and family lifestyle. I focus on things that I love and that I find relevant in a world saturated with products that have no meaning, no soul, no quality.

-Tell us about the city you live…
I live in London. It’s a bit of a shock coming from New York as the city is super horizontal. It takes ages to go from A to B. That said, it is very green, very elegant, very pleasant with children, and Brits are so well mannered; a pleasure!

-What are your favorite places and addresses?
Museums : Tate Modern, The V&A (www.vam.ac.uk), The Wellcome Collection (www.wellcomecollection.org).
Restaurants : Pizza East (www.pizzaeast.com), The Providores. (www.theprovidores.co.uk), The Wapping Project (www.thewappingproject.com)
Shopping : Dover Street Market (www.doverstreetmarket.com) for fashion, The Marylebone Farmer’s Market for local and natural food, The Spitafields Flea Market on Thursdays for vintage and second hand treasures.

-What does being a mother mean to you?
It means being patient, listening carefully, slowing down and dedicating time to my children. All things that never really came naturally to me before having my children. It also means showing a good example at all times. Everything I do, say or buy has an impact on them so it forces me to think even more about choices I make in life.

-What is you favorite moment with your kids?
I love all moments, but I particularly appreciate the morning walk to school. It takes us about 25 minutes and I love to hear the girl’s stories; this is when they usually tell me what’s going on in the school playground and class.

-What is your daily routine?
After the school run I sit down in front of my computer with a cup of green tea and I work, when I am not at a trade show or at a press event. I work on Pirouette and I write for magazines (mainly Doolittle from France and Naif from Spain). Then the kids come back from school and I cook dinner, give a bath, help with home work. Pretty standard mom’s pattern…

-What/Who inspires you the most?
I am inspired by people who think hard and work hard to bring great concepts, ideas and products to life. People who stand for a cause and fight, people who really believe that everything is possible, that we can change things for the better. It is so easy to go numb and take the easy, lazy road.

-What kind of little girl where you?
I was a tomboy! That said I was also dressing up with my mom’s clothes and accessories a lot.

-What are the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing when you go to bed? 
In the morning I drink a cup of hot water with lemon juice and I meditate for 20 minutes. In the evening I do thank you’s: to Mother Earth for all the good things she gives us and to my family for bringing me so much happiness.

Many Thanks!