When I was living in New York I was in love with European stores, and now that I am based in Europe, I buy most of my things in the Big Apple (the change rate is in my favour!). The grass is always greener…Visiting New York for Playtime gives me the perfect occasion to add a few things to my closet, and also to discover brands that I wouldn’t see on this side of the pond. And I have to say, so far, every time I visited, I found little treasures. This time, among others, I discovered the beautiful work of illustrator Sarah Nicholas Williams. Her india ink and watercolor vignettes are available as handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles (precious find!), hand thrown porcelain dishes, or as limited edition prints framed in handmade reclaimed wood frames. The kind of  gems you can only find at boutique-size and up-coming trade shows, no?  radishmoon.com