Suoak is a New York based “contemporary brand dedicated to the young modern family”, that launched  at Playtime New York last August. The collection counts about 40 pieces, all in cotton (gauze, voile, jersey, velvet, corduroy), designed and produced in the USA. Suoak is the native name of the founder, Elly Geana-Park, who explains : ” it speaks to the eclectic nature of our brandand inspires curiosity. We also like the allusion to the oak tree, a revered universal symbol of endurance, longevity and re-birth”.

Playtime New York was a great opportunity to launch the brand. “We really enjoyed being part of the show, the atmosphere was great, and we received a lot of praise for our collection from industry experts, buyers and peers” continues Geana-Park. Determined to grow fast, Suoak plans to show at ENK Children’s Club in October, at Playtime Paris in January 2013 and to launche an e-store in February 2013. Good luck to Suoak!

Photography credits go to Bogdan Geana and Jung Kwon