Storybooks that accompany clothes are flourishing in children’s wear; many brands are surfing the trend this year. For British brand Poppy however, this is not a new concept. The adventures of Poppy and her dog Fred have been decorating the dress’ hems for years now, and the little storybook that comes with every outfit has become iconic of the brand. The border print illustrations make Poppy’s dresses unique and really enchanting. 

Poppy was established by Bryony Richardson and Hannah Martland in 1980 but the company lay dormant for a few of years between 2000 and 2004.  The brand aims to escape from the current fast track world of fashion and the clothes are designed to become heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. All fabrics and printed dresses are made in England.

Poppy has its own store in North Yorkshire (44 High Street Yarm) and also sells through its own e-store. Showing at Bubble London and Playtime New York (next year), the brand is also available in about 100 stores, including John Lewis. Poppy is currently looking to open in London very soon, so stay tuned!


Photos Rosewarne Cox Photography.