Today I went through my pile of unread emails (more than a hundred product submissions). I can’t tell you how many times I read the phrase “We identified a big gap in the market”, or “When I had my baby I realised how little choice there was to dress him/her well, so I decided to create my own line”. The questions kept coming : “Really” ?

This was certainly a relevant statement in 2000, but I am not so sure it is still today, with so many brands and e-stores around. Nowadays you can basically find whatever you want, even without leaving your nursing rocking chair (about 11,100,000 results on Google for that product).

So, sometimes I wonder : do we really need another luxury baby cashmere line (1,180,000 Google results) ?A new children’s organic cotton collection (3,330,000 Google results)?  A new range of stylish strollers (3,170,000 Google results)?

I leave the answer with you.

But don’t take me wrong : I am not against the creation of new brands. What I am trying to say is that we don’t need more brands supposed to fill gaps. We maybe need additional brands that make us dream, that make us laugh, that makes us feel good, because they have humour, because they are honest, because they are generous, because they respect the planet and their consumers, because they are bold, beautiful, well designed, organic, sustainable. In other words,  because creativity and altruism is their motor, not just marketing research in a saturated market.