Playtime NY Trend Spaces Mariah Walker

Trade Show Report: Playtime New York #17

New York was hot and humid but inside this Big Apple edition of Playtime it was lovely and cool. Cool enough in fact for the exhibitors to be wrapped in scarves, yet still smiling. You can't win Playtime ;-) Teasing over, this is a nice show and the perfect size to incubate a…

GentleMan by photographer Zoe Adlersberg & stylist Maria Walker. creating a series of striking black and white portraits of men with babies

Snapshot: What is it about a GentleMan?

Photographer Zoe Adlersberg and stylist Mariah Walker flip the traditional focus on female baby pairing (as seen in so many images) on its head by creating a series of black and white portraits for Earnshaws magazine of men paired with babies. The images are strong, engaging and…

Christophe Kutner for Earnshaw's magazine

. . . Earnshaw's Magazine, August issue  Photos Christophe Kutner, style Michel Onofrio