In conversation with Jenn, Store Owner, NY

Mother of Amina and Camille, owner of children's store, Jennifer Cattaui was also, until very recently, Chief Editor at Earnshaws Magazine.  A tax lawyer by profession, Jenn took a pretty non-traditional career path after September 11 : she became


Mini & Maximus

Brand name :  Mini & Maximus - Website : Date of creation :  2008 Country of origin :  USA - Country of production :  USA Name of the founders :  Megan Villa and Sophie St-Onge Number of employees :  4

2011 – Year end review by insiders – Part III

2011 reviewed by insiders Nicole Yee, Associate Children’s Editor – Stylesight (USA), Molly Price, Founder of Molly Meg and children’s wear design manager (UK), Corina Papadopoulo, Founder of children’s store and online store Kidsen (UK), Shiva Shabani & Calvin Yu, founders…