Ryan & Luella

In 2010 Luella, aged 7 wanted to be an artist and her favourite colour was gold. Looking back Luella feels she’s changed a lot… Luella’s mother, fashion designer Ryan Roche www.ryan-roche.com says ‘she is one of my absolute favourite people to be around’.


Michelle & Lola

In 2010 Lola age 6 lived in North London with her parents and younger sister Sissi. Lola is now 14, lives in the same house, and is a great swimmer. Her mother, photographer Michelle Marshall www.michell-marshall.com says “Parenting can be wonderfully fulfilling but a scary and…

Alejandra & Mateo

In 2012 when Mateo was 3 years old he was always singing, dancing and chatting! Now aged 9 Mateo loves acting and has lived in multiple countries. His mother, Alejandra Salvatore an architect, designer and the founder of www.severinakids.com says “Mateo surprises me all the…