PèPè Children Shoes x The Animals Observatory

When it comes to PèPè Children Shoes + The Animals Observatory, we say Vive La Collaboration!

Earthy tones, gold and a hint of red

    Bye bye bright summer colors, the mood is changing for autumnal shades. At least here in London; no Indian Summer. Flower jacket Hoss, Dress flower dress Fable and Lore, Gold jacket Essentiel Girl, golden dress mor mor rita, shoes Pepe.    

Interview of Teo Boutique’s owner Roberta – Milan, Italy

I met Roberta in Paris quite randomly, in the Playtime shuttle bus. It is always rich to hear fresh comments from retailers so I asked Roberta to share her feedback, her experience and her thoughts about the children's industry on Pirouette. Although Roberta is Italian and owns…