Photographer Molly Magnosun & child model Chloe Leor interview each other for Pirouette

Q&A Game: 2 Players, 5 Questions, 5 answers each Molly Magnuson & Chloe Leor

Pirouette 10 questions game: Q&A between 2 players – 5 questions & 5 answers each. Both players are interviewer and interviewee. This time with kid's fashion photographer Molly Magnuson (M) and child model Chloe Leor (C). Let’s start !

Tuchinda_fw2017_Zoe Adlersberg

Interview : Photographer Zoe Adlersberg

We speak to the wonderfully talented Zoe Adlersberg who began her career in photography 16 years ago having previously worked in advertising, that is until the birth of her first child, Uma, in 2007. Motherhood changed Zoe’s artistic perspective and focus, and she decided to…