Monika Elena Kost for Noro

. . . . .                             Nordic inspired photos by Monika Elena Kost - Location : Copenhagen- Brand : Noro. 

Boys, black&white

    . . . Finger in the Nose - Photos Cyril Labbe . . 77 Kids by American Eagle - Photos Achim Lippoth .

Babiekins n.6 is out

. . Babiekins issue number 6 is out.  300+ pages : a succession of great fashion stories including the ones of Jessie Kenney p.212 (photos below), Nina W Mellon p.242, Kelly Roper p.308 (photos above).  . .

Too hot? Here’s a bit (just a bit) of snow (and lots of pleasure)…

Photos by Melanie Rodriguez for Kickers. And because Melanie's photos are so pleasant to watch, let's add a bit of ice and a lemon zest to the snow...(photos for Emile et Ida). Vist Emile's website to see more of her work, including editorial for the latest issue of…