Founder of children’s brand Marie et Rose-AliceValerie Chaptal has been in the children’s industry for 10 years. From Lille where she currently lives, she answers a few questions and she shares photos of her home and working environments.

How did you start in the children’s industry? I started to sell my line to store Lillibule in Paris. Then I launched my first blog in 2005, and a bit later I opened the e-store.

What children’s trade shows do you visit? Playtime Paris but not very regularly. Before its creation I was an adept of Kidsfashion in Brussels.

What would you say about the general economical climate in your country? It’s rather dull!

Your favorite stores? Hard to say. I recently visited the Bonpoing flagship rue de Tournon in Paris, which is a wonderful place. I visit it mostly for the space itself.

The online destinations that inspire you? Lieschen-Muller, les Zigouis, among others

Anything you can think of that is missing in the current children’s product offer? Shoes; there is a lot around, but it is still hard to find the right pair, both beautifully designed, adapted to the playground and “orthopedically correct”.

How would you dress if you were a 8 years old girl ? I would wear a short skirt with a white tee-shirt  and a pair of ballerinas, for the freedom of movement.

Your favorite website related to children? I am impatiently waiting for the opening of the Album di famiglia website

What inspires you at the moment? The exhibit of Sempé’s drawings in Paris put me in a good mood. I am particularly found of his little ballerinas

What are your favorite cities in the world? Paris ….the architecture is fascinating. I also love Lille where I live, for its pleasant vibe and quality of life. And finally New York because it’s a 24 hours city where everything is possible.

Your favorite place for family holidays? Corsica, in summer

The most captivating place you’ve travelled to? New York, with my kids

Your favorite bedtime reading with the kids: les fables de la Fontaine – leçons de chose de Deyrolles – Sempé: Enfance

Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family? Oss 117

The book on your bedside table ? I just finished “Mes souvenirs sur Napoleon” (I love historical books) – Le Point (French news magazine) – I will soon start “La maison de Claudine” by Colette; a comeback to my young years readings.

Your perfect Sunday ? I love taking time to rest, to cook, to spend time with the children at the dinner table…take time to appreciate time with them.

What do you prize most in life? My family life