B & Me NYC was founded by Sarah Clark, a mother who lives in New York City with her husband and their three children. Sarah decided to start a new business last spring with the desire to keep her baby warm and comfortable during New York City’s cold and windy days.

B & Me created a special coat inspired by little New Yorkers, a coat for mom’s to wear while carrying their baby and keeping them warm with their body heat, it can also be easily worn as a standard coat or while pregnant. The coat can be used in the fall, spring, warmer winter days or even the coldest winter days with layering under your favourite parka.

If have lived in New York, you will easily understand how cool this functional product is. The Booker coat is made 100 percent fleece jacket,  ribbed knit shell that features invisible zippers on each side to make room for the little one and also a two-way vertical front zipper, which comes in handy if you need some air plus  two-way zippers above the front pockets to keep all four hands heated.