New to the wallsticker world, Bumoon was created in the French Apls by Giuditta Bussetti. An Italian graphic designer and photographer, Giuditta lived in Spain and Portugal before moving to the France a year ago and launching her own business.

Giuditta studied Graphic Design at Politecnico in Milan before specialising in photography. After she met her husband Daniel, an architect, she followed him in Madrid where they lived for 5 years. There Giuditta worked as a photo-assistant and then as a photographer at Cromotex – Artes Gráficas, a leader in art publications. Then the couple  moved to Porto where Giuditta discovered a taste for melancholy, “retro-vintage” and poetry. “Living in Porto is like living in the 50’s… ah! Que saudade!”. In Porto Giuditta specialised in wine/gastronomic photography mainly working for Wine magazine. Things changed when little Maia (now almost 2 years old) was born. The parents wanted to decorate their daughter’s future room but they couldn’t find anything they really liked. So Giuditta re-discovered the joy of drawing. At the same time she understood that being a photographer was not so compatible with her conception of motherhhod . So things happened naturally : she changed her job to start the wallstickers adventure.

After 4 years in Portugal the family moved to France, in search of more nature and a calmer way of living. They live in a little village surrounded by woods, with a view on Lake Leman.Maia enjoys playing in the garden, Daniel does his architecture in Geneva, Neko the cat runs in the fields, while Giuditta is busy with Bumoon. A little enterprise that she hopes to grow slowly, so that it that it doesn’t loose its personal character. Giuditta does everything : the stickers design, the graphic web design, the photos…not to mention the website texts, in 4 languages!

Have a looks at Giuditta’s photographic work here (very inspiring).

Buy Bumoon’s stickers here.