Bumoon is a design brand dedicated to children, from deco to fashion. Their aim is to let kids be free to be kids, to surround them with beauty and harmony and to stimulate their imagination.

The brand was created by Giuditta Bussetti, an Italian graphic designer and photographer who lived in Spain and Portugal before moving to the French Alps. Bumoon’s website (available in 4 languages!) displays mainly wall stickers, the first product category introduced by the brand.

The latest from Bumoon is a clothing design project inspired by the wonderful world of origami. Giuditta particularly cherishes this art of making small paper sculptures, which is about play, geometry and colour, and she’ve designed the collection around these three concepts. This translates into practical, comfortable, cool and reversible clothes, all in geometric shapes based on a five colours palette.  Red, pink, yellow, blue and grey : Nordic tones mixed with warm hues reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea.

Most items are reversible, 100% made in Spain,  in 100% cotton voile.

With Bumoon, Giuditta Bussetti sticks to the philosophy of SLOW MOVEMENT, which includes following her own creative path, taking the time to listen to nature, developing ideas without haste, perfecting the smallest detail. To keep it slow every day and have time also for her family and children, Giuditta is looking for partners who can collaborate with her in developing the clothing line. In 2 months Giuditta will say goodbye to the French mountains to live in Menorca (Spanish Balears Islands), closer to production sites. 

Read more about Bumoon here.

Florence Rolando

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