If dealing with party bags gives you the creep, Cabbage and Fig is for you. They make creative, affordable and fun alternatives to the usual “made-in-China/full-of-cheap-plastic/full-of-sugar ones that can ruin a beautiful birthday party!

I’ve seen kids coming to me and ordering “give me my party bag” before saying hello or goodbye, I’ve seen girls making a sad face and complaining about party bags I had handmade and that they found not fun, I had almost a rebellion when I decided not to give party bags. But the worst is always when my children come back from friend’s birthday parties, with little plastic bags full of things that are a pain for the planet, for their stomach& teeth and for my eyes…

So, I got really happy when I heard about Cabbage and Fig, a young company founded by Victoria Freeman, a mom of two girls aged 6 and 2.5 who offering fine and dandy children’s gift bags.

“I was so frustrated, and cross at the tat we farm out to our kids in the party bags after spending so much time planning the perfect event it’s topped off with a bag of rubbish that either gets broken, thrown away or stepped on!!! Either way not good for landfill”, wrote Victoria in her email. That could not resonate more with my own feelings.

Victoria’s opinion is that kids really do deserve more so with great energy and passion, she embarked on a crusade to ‘un dumming down ‘ the kids, to give them something non mass market non mass made. For not much more pennies and a little imagination, Cabbage and Fig offer a treasure to treasure, a gem to inspire and love, beautifully packaged and sent with love.

“A great love of children and all things nostalgic, a love of all things aesthetically pleasing and of course a love of a good party. Fabulous design and all things whimsical are on cabbage and fig’s rad radar. We will rummage and eek out the best of the best for your favor bag. This is the essence of cabbage and fig and why it was born. Sourcing fabulous items from designers, illustrators, crafters, makers and thrifters”.

It is such a great thing to spread the word about young brands with great concepts, philosophy and design ideas. Join me!