Cabbages & Kings is a premium line of children’s apparel from New York, founded by designer Alexandra Gizela. The brand focuses on high quality and multi-fuctional pieces according with today’s design conscience and environment awareness. 

Cabbages & Kings is all about providing practical and stylish essentials for infants and children without compromising their safety and the quality of the pieces. The brand is a strong supporter of fair trade and strives to build bridges between artisans of excellence and socially responsible consumers. All of the accessories are hand made by the Sumaq Ruracc, a Quechua-speaking group that live in an Andean Valley in Peru. The Sumaq Ruracc work in collaboration with a network made up of 14 community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations called Bridge of Hope that work to strengthen the capacities of local, participating institutions and base communities.

Cabbages & Kings was created with the need of having cool, stylish and comfortable knit clothes and accessories. They use colour combinations and patterned designs that evoke a sense of whimsical play suitable for the taste of the parents and child.

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