Bobo Choses, AW12/13 COLLECTION “ALBUM” – Photographer: Laia Aguilar – Art direction and stylism: OTTO-OLAF.COM – Models: Pablo, Teo, Adriana & Paula


That afternoon was so long that we needed

a whole photograph album to treasure

in our hearts.

It was at grandmother’s house. We dug out her treasures

from when she was a girl. Dresses and jewellery from a very old dream,

still full of colour.

We dressed and put make up on, we sang and laughed. And it may seem strange,

but we were children once again. Yes. That afternoon,

whilst the sun was fading in the big old house,

and our laughter echoed down

the corridors,

we played hide-and-seek and dressed up in pyjamas and suede boots,

with pearl necklaces, socks and coloured earrings,

and we made up new names for ourselves, because we had suddenly

forgotten ours.

and also our voices, because we suddenly 

wanted to change them

and our inside world also, yes … we were children all over again.

That afternoon which still lasts. Full of life and photographies.

As it should be.

Written by Felipe Cano