If you are in love with creative tee-shirt and all things handmade, this collaboration is just for you : a small line of T-shirts by HBB Industria ArgentinaLucky Fish  I can imagine the fun that the founders of the two brands had brainstorming for ideas to launch this little project. Both Jann Cheifitz (Lucky Fish) and Jimena Bruguera (HBBia) are lively, creative life enthusiasts.

The result of their common work is a translation of the imagery of the Andean Mountains in Argentina into beautiful perfectly imperfect hand-screen printed T-shirts, which look really beautiful with the knits.

HBB Industria Argentina is a New York based folk chic clothing label, specializing in Argentine-produced children’s clothes and accessories, from newborn to 7 years old.
HBB Industria Argentina products are made with exotic natural wools, mostly from Argentina and South America. The designs are inspired by the traditional Argentine culture blended with the modern world style.

Lucky Fish is a line of clothing and home furnishings hand-printed in Brooklyn, NY, with its imagery and color palate inspired by the owner’s childhood in South Africa, and global travels that followed. Lucky Fish started out printing T-shirts in a garage on a beach vacation for friends’ kids using the same perfectly imperfect hand-screen print techniques, and inspired by the same playful universe of images drawn from nature and culture across the four corners of the Earth. Lucky Fish is committed to small, independent and creative business and design.