Following a career in architecture, Jen Taylor decided to go for what she really enjoyed and loved in life : well-designed, carefully crafted, beautiful timeless objects. She founded Hokolo to express her love of colours, patterns and aesthetics of bold inspiring products. 
Hokolo  is the amalgamation of the two cities dearest to my heart”, says Jen,  “Hong Kong and London”. Mother to Dylan and lover of all stylish and unique things, Jen inspires people of all ages with her witty, stylish and beautiful creations.
Hokolo Baby PJ and hat
Hokolo’s first collection was inspired by the British Crown Jewels, incorporating the motifs of the crown and sovereign orb to create a fresh take on these traditional emblems.
Holoko Baby gift box
 The designs feature striking prints and patterns composed of everyday objects, many quintessentially British.  T-shirts, handmade crochet rattles, greeting cards, baby gift boxes, homeware and hopefully more in the future. Well done!
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