Kalon Studios is launching The Wilderness, a collaboration with fashion brand Nico Nico. It features the ‘Field Tent’ and ‘Backcountry Stool’. We had a total crush !

This collection focuses on beautiful, pratical tools that are inspired by traditional expedition tackle and rugged intellectuals of America in the early naturalist movement.

The Field Tent is designed to be lightweight and sturdy enough for boisterous play, it is sized to play and even to sleep. The Backcountry Stool allows an unique construction since it allows to easily open and collapse so children can carry them easily.

kalon studios

Both studios rely on the talents of local craftspeople to responsibly manufacture and create better things, the collection is available at Kalon Studios and Nico Nico Clothing.

Kalon Studio is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design.  founded in 2007 by Michaele Simmering and her husband Johann Pauwen.  The brand is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative sustainable design companies in the world and these designs are focused as much on quality of design as it is on method and process.  More info about Kalon Studio : click here.