German brand Macarons was created 5 years ago. Today  it is one of the most creative childrenswear label, offering a range of all organic products made in Germany and Switzerland.

Macarons offers real fashion, the one dear to my heart, close to design, that speaks about geometry, inventive colour mixes and innovative materials. Macarons creates with the child in mind, using a vocabulary that allows fun, mouvement, dream and functionality. The structured knit they invented is a complex technique that makes the outside of the products super interesting while the inside is extra soft and cozy.It is especially suitable for little ones, perfect for delicate baby and newborn skin.


The F/W 2016 collection features new exciting styles that enrich the range of established cool classics. The overall Olti and the pants Tug are a must. The strictly organic materials make all macarons items particularly valuable for the sensitive newborns, whereas the shapes are made for comfort.


The creators of the brand are a young couple, parents of two girls and a baby boy. Their approach to childrenswear is thoughtful; it merges craftsmanship, experience and tradition. Germany and Switzerland offer the know-how to pair with their designated allow to produce their unique fabrics. The proximity to production sites is a great asset to be hands on every step of the design and production chain, while also minimizing carbon footprint.

Their structure fabric for example is produced requires special techniques and machines, that only few manufacturers are able to handle. No chemical treatment is involved, it is all relying on pure craftsmanship. The macarons fabrics are completely natural and free of  chemical additives. This means tons of efforts put into working with producers to improve the quality in durability, shrinkage, structure effects and much more.