We love collaborations and this one is between two beloved of our brands: Wovenplay and Jess Brown. The idea is that the Lohengrin Dolls made in California by Jess Brown wear the same the same costumes as children who play with them. The costumes are made in New York by Wovenplay.

Lots of love, handmade and attention is involved in the process which will make children feel very special and unique. Both Jess Brown and Wovenplay work in an ethical and slow fashion mode, using natural materials, old techniques, hand crafted textiles, creating beautiful playful items that bring lots of fantasy and dream into children’s life.

Wovenplay cultivates the savoir-faire and inspiration of the past to create modern couture, inspired by simple shapes, patterns, rich colour drawn and hand printed pieces.  Their process is one of embellishing and manipulating materials and textures as well as discovering new techniques to create imaginative and unexpected garments.

The majority of their production is made in Brooklyn with a few printed styles produced in India, handwork and illustration are made in their studio and the cashmere sweaters are made in Nepal.