New children’s brand Oyu Moyu created by Mongolian designer Oyuna Tserendorj and her three year old son.  A delicious story with equally wonderful products that launched online in November 2013 and at Playtime Paris last month.

Oyu Moyu offers the gift of storytelling: each as beautiful and long lasting as the other and believes in the power of telling a story, all it requires is a child-sized imagination to create a strong bond between parents, children and friends. For the brand, telling stories is a great way to develop creativity in the little ones and that’s why Oyu clothing is grouped into ‘stories’ rather than seasonal collections.

Oyu Moyu

Every piece arrives with an accompanying illustrated story from the world of Oyu and can be wrapped in an enticing treasure chest for storing the many stories we hope to inspire in the minds of children and adults alike. This is not about reproducing adult fashion in children’s sizes but helping children enjoy their childhood, engaging with the playful designs in a way that they can truly relate to, all that while wrapped up warm in the super soft cashmere, cotton and cashmere-silk fabrics.

Oyu Moyu

 Oyuna says ‘“Mummy, tell me a story!” is just about her son favourite expression. From that starting point came a wonderfully improvised world of stories featuring Oyu, an inquisitive little girl from a nomadic tribe and her trusted companion Moyu, a Mongolian goat with a mischievous sense of adventure.

For babies and children aged 0-8.