The label Paade Mode from Latvia, launched only two years ago, is growing fast. Their FW 2014-15 smart casual fashion collection had a great success at both Paris and Brussels shows. Here’s some images by South Korean photographer Dongsun Choo, taken  just after the Little Fashion Week Brussels’ catwalk show.

Inspired by nature, Paade Mode’s collection 2014-15 “Below the Snow” mainly features wintery whites, soft grays, greens, blues., fine and tender flower patterns, delicate embroideries that seem to revive from a glorious past, rowan branches designed by artist Edite Kirse.

The gorgeous knits, in Merino wool, Royal alpaca and cashmere, remind the snowy Baltic landscapes. The dresses, tunics, shirts, vests, coats, parkas, suits, jackets and pants are made out of cotton, viscose, silk, wool and cashmere.  The collection is enriched with a line of recycled leather and cloth accessories – bags, belts, necklaces, bracelets and hairbands.

A complete line of very high quality items in a understated yet rich style.

“It is fascinating to work with kids, where you can only accomplish a result by gestures and eye contact. The kids took part in the shoot without their parents being present, and there were no translators by choice, thus making communication limited. It was a matter of mutual trust and understanding – a sort of harmony during the course of the project,” says Paade Mode founder and designer Linda Raituma.

Photographer Dongsun Choo says he is truly fascinated by Paade Mode design and the feeling it gives children. Freedom. Trust. Encouragement. Personality. And the specific way how each child channels the adult inside. He states that while photographing he doesn’t cultivate emotion, but rather simply captures them.

Paade Mode - Dongsun Choo