Latvian brand Paade Mode one of my Coups de Coeur at Playtime last July. I found that collection very fresh, honest, with great organic fabrics and beautiful knitted pieces. I also particularly appreciate chatting with the founder, Linda Raituma, so enthusiastic about textile&fashion in general, so much into finding interesting ways of developing a brand today.

When talking about her brand, Linda says “my paade”, showing how much of her she puts into her label.  “I would like to build and keep paade in slow fashion traditions : only hand made production and ethical production process. Our partners are small companies – craftsmen, ateliers, studios”.

Linda knows all the people who work on her production personally, and she loves the fact that everyone loves her or his job, and that all products are made with the best thoughts, in human being, worthy conditions. To her, this principle is key to make all the products in premium quality. “Perfect results mainly for our partners is a question of reputation, dignity, respect. And our cooperation helps to survive, keep the traditions for next generations”.

Paade only offers organic, natural fabrics, yarns they trust. The brand has a special love relationship with linen and merino wool, both perfect for kids in summer and winter, with anti allergy properties, termoregulation function. Linen clothes are also often passed on from generation to generation.

The collections are created with principles of long lasting, with the idea that a piece can be worn for more than just a season, passed from big brother to small brother (or sister!). Part or collection unisex, and most of the pieces are so cute when worn oversized and so perfect when in the exact size.

Linda believes in basic values : family, nature. She thinks that kid are pure beauty, and that what they wear should serve their personality, not their ego, that clothes must help them grow, not dominate. She also makes a strong point in sharing her small country values , the Latvian handcraft traditions, in a new and contemporary way. She is proud to involve Latvian talents such as stylists and photographers. In other words : to put all her heart and love in Paade!