With summer just around the corner I am craving sandals and happy bright colors for my little ones and I keep going back to Humble Hilo.

I discovered Humble Hilo last year thanks to Pinterest and fell in love with those adorable colorful sandals mixing ancient techniques and timeless styles. Just looking at them is an invitation to travel and makes me feel happy.

Humble Hilo offers a variety of products: shoes, bags ans apparels. How cute are those baby dresses by the way? All incorporate a traditional Guatemalan handmade art form passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Each Maya village has even its own specific pattern and style and often uses different weaving techniques. Because every single item is handmade and handcrafted individually, each sandal or bag you will buy will be totally unique.

And you are going to love Humble Hilo even more when you will discover the philosophy behind it. Humble Hilo not only brings beautiful textiles and accessories to you, they are also creating opportunities and changing lives of impoverished Mayan families. A portion of every purchase made supports one of their humanitarian projects that will help make a sustainable difference in the lives of impoverished villagers living in remote areas of Guatemala. Indeed, they work in behalf of the humanitarian organization world link partner.

Humble Hilo products are without a doubt “humbly made” and will be definitely “proudly worn”.

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Humble Hilo

Humble Hilo