It was fun to visit the store-atelier of Petit Retro in Sao Paolo. It was like being transposed to Paris for a moment.

Petit Retro , a Franco-Brazilian brand of accessories and decor, was created in 2004 when two friends, Luca Schiller (Brazilan with a French soul) and Tinou Le Joly Senoville (French illustrator) decided to join forces. Luca and Tinou  put together a poetic and playful concept based on childhood memories, extensive use of colours, exclusive prints, handmade embroideries, and 100% cotton fabrics.  Their creations mix influences of French tradition, references to the past and Brazilian artisanal knowhow. Besides home decor, Petit Retro also offers a small range of timeless clothes : bloomers, Pj’s, all overs, retro beach dresses, as well as a collection of stuffed animals, iconic of the brand.

Petit Retro also specialises in bespoke room decoration, which has become a must in Sao Paolo. Mums love to give their favourite theme or images and see them declined in their babies’ rooms, on  bed sheets, bumpers, curtains, pillows, etc. A room was recently made out of a beautiful child’s drawing, embroidered  and painted in a very subtle way. It is the most exclusive thing to call Luca Schiller to order unique personalised birth gifts or special and unforgettable decors for birthday parties. The success is such that Petit Retro has started a collaboration with the high end Fasano Hotels to design a baby and children’s line (stuffed animals, little suitcases, cushions) for their super chic and famous clientele. Run, run Petit Retro!