So many Spanish brands these days! TodayPirouette focuses on Seesaw, known for their hip, fresh and comfortable designs. 

Seesaw presented their F/W 15 collection at Playtime Paris and Playtime New York.  Little interview with Maria Varona García.

When did you launch the brand?

Our first collection was launched last summer SS2013. The brand is a family project, born after I became a mother. I was previously working for a large company specialised in exhibition design, and I loved very much what I was doing but didn’t find it very compatible with maternity. I took a sabbatical year, and things took place when I started to work a bit with my mother, who had knitted her whole life. That gave me the impulse to start Seesaw.

How would you describe Seesaw ?

Seesaw is hip  and absolutely contemporary, yet each of Seesaw creation maintains a basic and timeless feel. We choose the name because we it reflects optimism and fun in a swing from the playground.  At Seesaw the original designs and quality tailoring ensures that children, and the most important, clients, are very happy.

Where are you based, where do you produce?

We have our studio in Madrid and we produce between Spain and Portugal.

In how many countries is Seesaw available?

Seesaw is available in Spain, Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Mexico, London, Germany, Turkey, Germany, Kuwait and Korea. The list is growing everyday, which is very encouraging! We are for instance we are available at (US), (Korea), (UK).