Take a look at the 2013 Kitsch and Cool Eyewear collection by Sons + Daughters, with new features and new unique prints  from simple red rounded sunglasses to white flower shape sunglasses and many others…

Launched in 2011 by  fashion stylist Shiva Shabani  and art director Calvin Yu, Eyewear brand Sons + Daughters has become a reference for the best protection to the children’s eyes.

Sons + Daughters has a different approach to the eyewear industry, mixing sophistication, functionality and fun. When you buy one of their sunglasses you’re also buying safety to your children’s eyes.

Their products are all Uvb\Uva protection this prevents you from harmful sun rays, the lenses have low distortion so it doesn’t force your eye and of course it is not easy to break Sons+Daughters sunglasses since they are made with high quality just like adults sunglasses.