When Swiss brands Tattyoo and  l’asticot met, they discovered they had many things in common beyond their citizenship. They decided to team to create a new temporary tattoo, right on time for the summer.

As a (half) Swiss, I couldn’t possibly miss relaying the story. There is so little going on in Switzerland a part from great ski, amazing landscapes, fantastic cheeses, delicious chocolate and yodeleeehooo.

So, coming back to our two brands, they found out they had the same bike print in their collections, without knowing it. Yes, seriously! That was a sign. They had to celebrate and create a new temporary tattoo, right on time for the summer! Something fun to discover if you go to Playtime Paris and visit the booth of L’asticot.


Tattyoo produces temporary tattoos fod kids and aduts. Designed in Switzerland, printed in the USA.

L’asticot creates organic and fun clothes, produced in Portugal in line with fair trade standards. Their collections are bold,  halfway between French classicism and Nordic extravagance, based on ethical and sustainable fashion.