Julie de Gruchy East is an artist who makes dolls for children and adults alike. Julie (or Julo, as you prefer), spends most days thinking and creating anthropomorphic dolls – part animal and part human. Some are based on characters she met while travelling the world, others stem from her tangly and ‘very full to the rim’ brain.

Julie’s story is inspiring and you really makes you want to meet her and see her her dolls.

“My family consists of one lovely, supportive and talented husband and a large crazy cat ‘Buki bear’, we live in a little cottage amongst the lush rolling hills and old English trees in the never ending green lands of Gloucestershire.
I originally grew up on the teeny rock of Jersey based in the Channel Islands. Most of the de Gruchy clan still live there. I got married and stuck my husband’s name on the end. I have been creating for a long time now. I used to work at a college as a Senior Art Technician/Gallery Curator, I was fortunate enough to love my job and crikes I miss those kids dearly. I moved far away and today I am a Textile Artist/Doll Maker……

My head is always filled with many many ideas and often spills over the rim. The people I meet inspire me.  Soon after I got married, we ran away and travelled for a year – this was a once in a lifetime experience for me – I truly found some inspiring people, crazy characters and heard many amazing stories. I love making my anthropomorphic dolls – especially their faces and hair… this is where some of the people I meet come to life – through each of my little individual anthropomorphic dolls.

The rewarding aspect of my work has to be when they are enjoyed by others, yup – definitely…. bringing a smile to someones face makes my day. I am a strong believer in smiling at others, so therefore I do it when I can.”


Julie’s personality : Paper thin skin – Loving – Devoted – A tryer – Bold

Julie likes : Dumplings in stews – The sun shining – Warm shallow seas – Log fires – Cat on my lap/head – Smiles – Good food cooked for me – Being inspired – Acorns

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